Partnership with our parents

Partnership with our parents that means to us real  educational partnership.

Communication is everything

That is why we invite you warmly every three months to talk about the well-being and development of your child. The exchange with you as parent is important to us.

For the daily short notice like: how the child has slept, you can inform the teacher directly when you bring your child to the classroom.

On monthly base you will receive a info-letter from Villa Kinderwelt-German Kindergarten Doha. With the info-letter we like to keep you updated about our news, and upcoming projects of the classes.

Of course you find us as on facebook. There we share all the great moments,projects and upcoming events. Facebook is also a lovely possibility to let the family abroad see what are the children and their friends learning and enyoing in Qatar.

On regularly base we will invite  to OPEN HOUSE days!

If you want an appointement with us, just contact us:

Every month we invite you for our parents cafe. For us it is important to welcome you and to offer to you an occation to get in touch with the other parents. It is a great experience for the Children to invite their parents and friends monthly in their german Kindergarten.

If you like to have educational consultation you are warm welcome to contact us.
We are well trained in educational counselling and we have a great network to other educational and medical professionals in Doha/Qatar as also in Germany.We are happy to help you anytime.We provide information evenings to interesting themes about education.

If you like to support Villa Kinderwelt with your engagement, talents, knowledge or network your are always welcome to get in touch with us and see what we can do together for the best of our children.

Your ideas are more than welcome.