Healthy & Prevention

Healthy Food and teaching the children how to keep the body healthy and fit is very important to us. The parents send the Children daily with a healthy breakfast to us.

· Our caterer brings us daily a healthy Lunch.

· In his classroom your child will find a healthy Snack Buffet with fruits and vegetable cuts and still water.
We have a no nuts policy.

· Please be aware to keep us updated if your child might need a special nutrition.

· We have sanitizer and paper towels in the Kindergarten for offering a high standar of hygiene.

· A professional trained female cleaner is working with us the whole Kindergarten-Day. So we can asure that the children and the teacher are in clean environment.

· Our toys get regularly cleaned and disinfected by a professional company.

· The famous clinic Queen Medical is our partner in health and prevention.

· On a regularly base their friendly dentists will visit us in kindergarten to provide information about how the kids can keep their teeth healthy. If you agree as parent they will also check the teeth of each child.

This is good method to make them feel confident with the dentist and his instruments. Being with their friends,their teachers and in in their well known environment encourages even shy children. All teachers are reneweing their first aid certificate on a yearly base. These first aid training is especially for the age group from 3-6 years old children.