About us

Villa Kinderwelt-German Kindergarten Doha

Villa Kinderwelt-German Kindergarten Doha is a lovely and joyful place where children and parents from Germany and from all over the world are warm welcome.

Our pedagogical mission is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia Approach and the strong faith that:

»One Language sets you in a corridor for life.

Two languages open every door along the way!«

In our Kindergarten children find good friends, learn and grow together and by the way they will learn german as their second language.

Our succesful language concept is based on the intercultural aspects involved in this process and the specific perspectives on learning and teaching German outside the German-speaking countries.
The parents do not have to speak german. We can talk to you in german, english, arabic and french.

All our teachers are trained in teaching german as second language by the wellknown Goethe Institut.
All children will attend weekly english and arabic lessons as well, in a playful and joyful way.
In Villa Kinderwelt · German Kindergarten Doha we are using the immersion method.

Multilingualism Benefits:
Personal: access, travel, understanding cultures, job opportunity
Cognitive: creativity, problem solving skills, intellectual flexibility
Societal: cultural diversity, economic competitiveness

»Multilingualism is a source of strength and opportunity.
It embodies our cultural diversity and encourages the exchange of views,
the renewal of ideas and the broadening of our capacity to imagine.«

Irina Bokova, Unesco Director General

Supported by a well-resourced library, arts and handicraft rooms and designated  indoor and outdoor playground areas, children are encouraged to explore and develop their natural abilities and talents.
In Villa Kinderwelt-German Kindergarten Doha boys and girls from 3-6 years learn,play and grow together.

For the children in the last year of Kindergarten we have an extra Grade 0 classroom/ Vorschulklassenzimmer, in which they have their daily Grade 0/ Vorschule lessons.